Melody Hamm, LMT is certified in both Pregnancy Massage and Labor Assistance. A “Doula” is someone who assists a woman through labor by providing:

holding a babies foot

  • Physical comfort
  • Emotional Support
  • Information
    In six different research studies Doulas have been shown to:
  • Reduce the cesarean rate by 50%
  • Reduce the length of labor by 25%
  • Reduce the request for epidurals by 60%
  • Reduce the use of artificial induction drugs by 40%
  • Increase the quality of mother-infant bonding
  • Increase a woman’s confidence in her own ability to give birth.

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My Back Up Doula




Doula Interview ~ $80 (interview & massage)
Private Class ~ $100 (in home, learn how to be a labor coach)
Must Haves ~ $1180 (interview, private class, plus labor and delivery)
Massage Doula Packages
ichthus symbol Package 1 ~ $1900 (11 massages, private class, plus labor & delivery)
ichthus symbol Package 2 ~ $1675 (8 massages, private class, plus labor & delivery)
ichthus symbol Package 3 ~ $1400 (4 massages, private class, plus labor & delivery)


What a MASSAGE DOULA does for you!

Our 1st meeting/interview is a massage!

We will talk and get to know each other before-hand and answer questions. When it is time for you to have your massage, depending on if you want a quiet massage or not, your supporter may come into the massage room so Q & A can continue. If the supporter is willing, I can teach them tricks so your pain can be dealt with in-between massages.

Your labor and birth is such an intimate thing and I enjoy the fact that we meet several times. I get to learn your body, how you handle your stress and where it manifests in the body. Through massage there is a deeper bond that your subconscious makes with me as your massage doula. Massage releases endorphins, so when you see me in labor your endorphins, which are your pain relievers, automatically release! The same thing will happen when your supporters make you feel empowered and loved. Being supported and comfortable with those around you is everything!

Private Class

Around 38 weeks or so I will come to your house so I know just where to go and won’t get lost in the middle of your big night. I get acquainted with where everything is and where you are most comfortable in your house. I have a class with you and your support team and we talk about how you want the light and music during your labor. We learn where the switches are and how to work the music player. We learn what you want each supporter to be doing during your labor. I will talk about positions to get in to help the baby turn down the birth canal, what to expect and how to push. I will be teaching your supporters how to doula, so we will be going through all positions that help during labor.

When You Think Your Labor Has Started

You will call anytime. Depending on how you answer my questions and how you are handling everything, I will either come over to your house or wait a few hours to come over. I think it is very important for you to labor where you feel most comfortable for the longest and stay least stressed. Now, if it scares you to stay home then we leave for the place of your birth.

There are several numbers for you to call if you need me during massage hours. These are available under Contact Us and on your Doula Information Sheets.

While I do have a busy practice, all my clients know that you come 1st and they are all willing to reschedule their massages.

Blanket Package

11 Massage

3 weeks apart. 27 wks, 30 wks, 33 wks

2 weeks apart. 35 wks, 37 wks

1 week apart.  38 wks, 39 wks, 40 wks

Postpartum Massages 1st wk, 2nd wk, and 4th wk

Private class

Labor and delivery $800

Total $1600

To be paid in 3 or 6 installments


Pacifier Package

8 Massage

Monthly 24 wks, 28 wks, 32 wks

3 weeks 35 wks, 38 wks

1 week 39 wks, 4 0 wks

At 10 days 1 postpartum

Private class

Labor and delivery $800

Total $1400

To be paid in 3 or 6 installments

Little Bit Package

4 Massages

1 Private class

Labor & Delivery $800

Total $1200

Must Haves


Private Class

Labor & Delivery

Total $980

 Private Class $100