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Contact Nicky for pre & postpartum doula services which includes:

Everything on a daily routine you would do so that mom and dad can get ready for baby/enjoy baby.

Mothering the mother!

Present health care practices and lack of cultural rituals leave families virtually unsupported at this important time in their lives.  There is a great deal of evidence suggesting that quality support can ease the transition that comes with the addition of a baby to the family.  By educating, attending to the needs of parents, infants and children; and by offering quality referral information, the postpartum doula can ease and enhance the postpartum experience. Every family can benefit from the support and encouragement offered by a doula during the fourth trimester.!services1/c1cdj

Offers the mom-to-be prenatal support towards the end of pregnancy to help with nursery organization, freezer meal planning, cooking, light housekeeping, errand running, grocery shopping, home birth preparation/organization, assist with hospital preparation, and more!! A minimum of three hours per visit required and maximum of five hours per day)

She also provides postpartum support for you and your family for three to six weeks of postpartum care with a flexible schedule of two days per week with for a maximum of four hours per day.

Some of her packages includes your choice of one immediate after birth visit or a pre-made after birth meal for your family.

Nicky Quick Doula Services strives to offer a variety of comprehensive prenatal, pospartum, and labor support for everyone.