Talk With Your DOCTOR About

  • Calm mg supplement for cramps, anxiety, and keeps stools lose after labor
  • 6 dates a day can help your body prepare for labor. Great snack
  • Papaya enzymes helps heart burn
  • Pine tar helps rash PUPPP
  • Peppermint oil or Altoids, ginger chews, and sea sickness bands are great for nausea
  • Evening Primrose Oil (do not use if your on blood thinners)  Softens cervix 37 weeks insert and/or oral.
  • Epson salts for soreness before and after birth
  • Rescue Remedy great for stress pregnancy labor and 6 weeks postpartum
  • Acupuncture and Chiropractic can help prepare your body for labor as well as start labor
  • Chiropractic adjustment can help  fussy babies.  It’s quite the journey coming down and out for a baby.
  • Vitamin C helps rebuild muscles after labor and keeps bowels loose


After 37 weeks no reclined positions!  Always lean forward with a pillow between your knees or lay on your side.  You can also do what is called sifting to shake baby in to the hammock of your belly.

Check out the spinning babies website for more knowledge

When picking your helper think about these things

I want you to imagine a rollercoaster that most woman have ridden some say “it was so scary”, others say, ”it was the best ride they have ever been on”. You don’t know how many turns or loops or dives are a part of this rollercoaster but you are in line and eagerly awaiting your turn. In this manner we should look at labor. I do understand that as a woman we like to plan things out and if we are doing a natural birth we are told to do a birth plan. I recommend that you have no expectations during your labor other than how you intend to control your mind. You might plan for it all in the best way you can but just know that labor is a rollercoaster. So I say ENJOY the rollercoaster embrace all the feelings that come and turn them into an excitement to see your baby not a fear of what’s next. Keep in mind that it is said every person at your birth will add an hour to your labor. When it is time to push you can if you wish have everyone there and they will have time to make it.

Think about how you want things to go after the baby is here. Do you want to have one on one time to enjoy the fruits of your labor? Do you want to share your excitement at the end of the ride with all your friends and family if so for how long?

Try to pick people you are most comfortable with.

You must not feel judged and should be able to speak your mind to without fear.

You must feel SAFE with them.

Pick people who SUPPORT your birth plan.

Who do you go to when you need to be soothed?

Who do you want around you when you’re sick or hurt?

Who always makes you feel better when you talk with them?

Who handles stress well?

Don’t pick people you are highly reactive to, meaning when they say anything you lash out at them.

Give Jobs to these people. You’re in charge of knowing where everything is. You’re in charge of the lights and music. You’re in charge of food and drinks for me during labor

Let people know ahead of time that there will be certain hours of visiting during early labor or after the baby comes and for how long. Tell them the time so that they will understand and comply

Some women will call people and tell them to light a birthing candle and every time they see it they are to pray for you

I encourage you to have rules before others enter your labor or birth because not all people have been around a birth and will have no clue how to act they will appreciate the guidance.



This is what I hand out to Family

As a Doula my job is to maintain a relaxing conducive atmosphere to birth. I bring information, and support to mom and helpers of both emotional and physical, as well as help guide the labor process. I help maintain a calm and peaceful state through this beautiful miracle. With all of this in mind I find it very helpful for all who are there to know some rules to help everything go well. It is said that every extra person can add an hour to a labor. Women have a primal subconscious side that we can tap into, but just as a cat in labor will move her litter to avoid being found so does a woman. If someone or something happens to make the mother in labor fearful or burdened, labor WILL STOP until such problem is resolved, or moved out. You can call it performance anxiety but it has been named the sphincter effect. I’ve seen it happen with my own eye. It was with a 4th baby, her sister and her were on different pages as to what a natural birth was and her sisters angry, fear and opinions stopped her labor. Her labor was so progressed that I was worried I was going to deliver this baby in the car ride if we didn’t leave right then. She had the baby four days later in 3 hours only after she and her sister who was to be at the birth worked everything out. Please be aware of your words and action at all times during this labor.

Rules for support team: be prepared to work hard!

  • Always brush your teeth
  • Do not eat in front of a laboring mother
  • Conversation is a great distraction as long as it with the laboring woman.
  • During what is called active labor talking must stop and only words of encouragement must be spoken to the mom if you would like to finish your conversation please do so outside.
  • No playing with cell phones in front of laboring woman unless you are playing against her in a game.
  • No questions like: “How much longer will this take?” or ”What progress has been made?” may be asked in front of a laboring woman.
  • No sleeping in front of the laboring woman.
  • If you have any fears doubt or worries about her the labor or the baby please go into another room because a laboring woman is in a primal subconscious state and will be able to feel your emotions.
  • HOT hands are usually NOT a welcome touch on a laboring woman unless it’s on the low back.
  • Mom and dad to be make ALL final decision and do not need pressures of others. Our job is to SUPPORT all Choices!
  • Things to think about.There is a reason why you were invited to be here for this miraculous occasion! Husbands, think about what makes your wife become relaxed and soothed like putty in your hands. Moms, think about what did you do when she was sick, how did you soothe her? Dad, friend, sibling ect: what did you do when she came to you for a hug or to tell you something that hurt her? How did you make her feel better? Was it words of affirmation, touch, acts of service, quality time, or gifts? If you learn these things you will know how best to help her through labor!