How it Works!

A variety of incidences can cause the nervous system to make compensations in our bodies. These compensations can cause pain and other problematic symptoms. With the Myokinesthetic System, we are trying to correct the dysfunction of the peripheral nervous system by treating all the muscles along a nerve pathway. After a 15-minute treatment, a client stands and signals fire up to the brain. Followed by the brain sending information to other muscles instructing them to either contract or relax to compensate for the changes we elicited in our treatment. Our goal is to find the nervous system defect and clear it to correct the compensations, which allows you to stand more balanced, with increased range of motion, and a decrease in pain.

It Can Help...

Headaches TMJ Low Neck Pain Whip Lash Upper Back Pain Stroke Bell Palsy Ringing in your Ears Frozen Shoulder Carpel Tunnel Tennis Ebow Loss of Grip or Too Much Grip Golfer Elbow Extending of Wrist & Finger Quadriceps Pain Knee Pain Hip Pain - Front & Back Side Shin Splints Tibial Tuberosity Pain Sciatica Runners Knee Planar Fasciitis Achilles Tendonitis Calf Problem Piriformis Constipation