Many musculoskeletal conditions are not as straightforward as “acute” or “chronic” and the FASTT and WHITEE patch protocols try to reflect that. Both patches have the same base of ingredients which work to speed up the healing process and drastically reduce recovery time from an injury or condition.

The FASTT Patch works by increasing blood flow to the area under the patch, bringing nutrients in and removing metabolic wastes generated from the healing process. This is its only job and it does so very straightforwardly. The WHITEE Patch has a smaller concentration of these blood moving herbs, and has additional ingredients which work to break down scar tissue. It doesn’t heal injuries as quickly as the FASTT Patch (which mostly focuses on speeding up healing that is already happening), but it heals tougher conditions that aren’t healing otherwise.

Both of these approaches are different from most common philosophies of musculoskeletal healing out there right now which seeks to stop inflammation (and therefore blood flow) at all costs. The Wei Patches work with the body’s natural healing process of inflammation to get you back to a healed state. By allowing inflammation and hurrying it along (as inflammation can be painful or debilitating), both acute injuries and chronic conditions (or a mix of both) can be healed faster and without propagating long-term negative results from trying to stifle inflammation.

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