Myofascial Release

Myofascial Release or MFR is a whole body, hands on approach for the evaluation and treatment of the human structure, with a focus is the fascial system. Physical trauma, inflammatory or infectious process, or structural imbalances from dental malocclusion, osseous restrictions, leg length discrepancy, or pelvic rotation may create inappropriate fascial strain.Skeletal Muscles

The fascial system literally surrounds every tissue in your body down to a single cell. If fascia has tightened and is creating symptoms distant from the injury, all of the appropriate localized treatments will produce poor or temporary results because the imbalance and excessive pressure from myofascial tightness remains untreated. MFR techniques are therefore performed in conjunction with specific symptomatic treatment. The gentle traction forces applied to the fascial restrictions will elicit heat, a vasomotor response that increases blood flow to the affected area, enhances lymphatic drainage of toxic metabolic wastes, realign fascial planes, and most important, reset the soft tissue proprioceptive sensory mechanism. This last activity reprograms the central nervous system, enabling a normal functional range of motion without eliciting the old pain patterns.

The best way to describe a facial restriction is with a telephone cord; the spiral cord get twisted on itself and needs to be unwound. When fascia get wound up it creates 2000 PSI of twisting pressure on all tissues including nerves, blood vessels and muscles along the three dimensions of the body creating a spider web pain pattern. MFR can untwist and release the spiral web of pain throughout your body.